We are Auto Protection.
Providing you with auto protection services for your vehicles.


We provide auto protection plans that help solve the rising costs of repairs for the consumer. At the Auto Protection Department, we provide customer friendly services and expanded coverage protection plans to meet our customer demands. Our daily commitment to service and value has kept our loyal customers coming back for new or renewal coverage plans and they frequently refer us to their family and friends. We remain committed to offering peace of mind coverage at competitive pricing, nationwide.

We understand that the more choices our customers have the more likely it is to fit their budgets. With this in mind we selected administrators that have strong assets, financial stability and highly rated insurance. Our administrators are among the best in the industry, with each company offering a variety of plans for every budget.


For many of us, buying a vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases in our lives. Vehicles become one of our biggest assets, often something that we use and depend on every day to get us where we need to go. But did you know that most of the warranties offered by American Car Manufacturers only last to 36,000 miles? And most Non-American Manufacturers’ warranties expire after 50,000 miles?

Protecting one of your biggest assets with Auto Protection Department is a great way to ensure that coverage extends well beyond the life of the manufacturer’s warranty. When the inevitable happens with your vehicle – breaking down – you can rest assured that Auto Protection Department will safeguard your budget, and your peace of mind.